Women Donors



Deanne Weir Deanne Weir — Chair, Australian Women Donors Network.

As a philanthropist and a business owner, I have a key focus on women and girls. I invest in organisations and programs that support and advance them because the need is great and the return on investment is multiplied.

This Toolkit, when used with wisdom and intent, will help you to increase the reach and impact of your philanthropy, and therefore your contribution to building a stronger, more equitable society. The six tools, when integrated into your grant- making practice, will encourage grant- seekers to understand the importance of developing and evaluating their programs through a gender lens, and the results will be astounding.

As our founding Chair, Eve Mahlab AO, so wisely observed: “If you treat unequal people equally, they will still be unequal.” I urge you to use these tools so that your philanthropic activities proactively support women and girls to overcome gender- based disadvantage and unleash their potential to contribute fully in our society.


Alan Schwartz Alan Schwartz AM — President, Philanthropy Australia.

Philanthropy Australia welcomes the Gender-wise Toolkit and we encourage all philanthropists to engage with it and use the tools when developing their philanthropic practice.

Despite our best efforts, unconscious bias affects us all and is increasingly recognised as a factor in decision making at all levels. These tools are designed to integrate practical ways to bring gender, particularly women and girls who are over-represented in disadvantage, into focus in philanthropic practice.

We look forward to sharing the toolkit with our membership, and seeing the positive outcomes that develop as more of us adopt a gender lens approach.

The Australian Women Donors Network is proud to present our Gender-wise Toolkit. We look forward to working with you and our partners in philanthropy, business and government to improve the reach and impact of all forms of social investment.