Women Donors



There have been many successful campaigns, organisations, and programs that have made a difference...

Emily’s List has been instrumental in achieving a greater representation of women in Australia’s Parliament.

The Heart Foundation’s ‘Go Red for Women’ campaign has drawn attention to the recently recognised differences in how cardiovascular disease affects women and men. This is potentially saving the lives of many women who would otherwise be unaware of the risk of heart disease and preventative actions they can take.

The Big Issue realised it was providing a great opportunity for homeless men, but that women weren’t taking up this opportunity because of childcare responsibilities and potential issues arising from selling on a street corner. Their solution was to create the Women’s Subscription Enterprise which employs women to collate and sort the magazine for distribution, providing employment, opportunity and hope for a growing number of women.

Some research came across my desk from The Arts Centre Melbourne about their flagship hip-hop and urban music mentoring program, ‘Dig Deep’. It had been found that while Dig Deep had been incredibly successful in engaging young men, the program had not attracted young women who expressed reluctance to participate in the mixed gender environment. In order to address this gender imbalance, The Arts Centre developed a hip-hop program for young women only, ‘Sisters on the Mic’, which would establish a safe creative space for young women led by other female artists.


Although it may not be immediately obvious, all areas of life have a gender dimension. For example, one Victorian animal welfare initiative provides temporary shelter for pets that are at risk or displaced due to domestic violence. In some situations concern for the welfare of family pets can be a barrier to a woman leaving a violent situation.

Recognising that women control an estimated 86% of the household spend, and oversee many activities in the home that impact climate change, environmental funders have supported initiatives such as 1 Million Women.

‘There is so much power in what we are doing - creating a mass movement of women and girls globally who are fighting climate change through their every actions and decisions.’ Tara Hunt, Philanthropist, Founder, Co-CEO 1 Million Women.

It is recognised that globally, women are disproportionately affected by the impact of climate change.

e.g. Since introducing blind auditions (where musicians also remove their shoes so that selection panels can’t assume gender based on the sound a musician’s shoes make as they walk onto the stage), many classical orchestras have dramatically increased the number of women they hire.