Women Donors



We would like to express our appreciation to friends and associates across the philanthropic and academic sectors who have helped us to develop and test this toolkit.

Among those who have generously developed, reviewed, or provided advice on the content at various stages are:

Louise Arkles, Mary Crooks AO (VWT), Lauren Days (VEOHRC), Fiona Dempster, Rose Gigliotti (Royal Women’s Hospital), Anita Hopkins (Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation), Allison Kenwood (Royal Women’s Hospital), Dr Jackie King, Clare Land (Reichstein Foundation, Leonie Morgan, Val Reilly, Dr Wendy Scaife (QUT – ACPNS), Alex Williamson (QUT – ACPNS), Sue Woodward (ACNC) and Lyn Yeowart (Lynx Writing).

We also acknowledge our Board for their contribution of governance and funds or skilled services.

Think lens, think glasses. Glasses correct limitations of vision and enable clearer sight. And so it is with a gender lens, which helps us to see more clearly the role gender plays in shaping our male and female lives, our work, experience and choices.